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  • Regular Village Board Meeting
    5/10/2017 6:00 PM

    Regular Village Board Meeting

    May 10, 2017




    Deputy Mayor Banker will open the Public Hearing to hear comments regarding the Village terminating a permanent easement at 215 East Park Street

    Close Public Hearing (motion)  
    Mike Clemons regarding tree in front of his house
    Gary Kent regarding electric charging stations
    Gene Klossner regarding tree that needs to be taken down 
    Kevin – Regarding contract with HACH
    Allen Road Pressure
    Water service billing consumption vs minimums
    Land to dump leaves, brush and snow 
    Request from Beth Webb regarding insurance for “The FLED Foundation Inc” fund raiser to be held at Bullard Park
    Accept Treasurers report for April 2017 (motion)
    Approve minutes of April 26, 2017 (motion)
    Approve payment of Village bills (motion)
    Approve payment to Osborn, Reed & Burke, LLP for services rendered April, 2017 in the amount of $181.50 (motion)
    Approve the Pollution Control Plant Chief Operator Aric Albright’s request to post in house for the open position of Sewage Treatment Plant Operator Trainee (motion) 
    Approve to transfer $4,000 from G 9010.8 NYS Retirement to G 8130.405 (Electricity) to cover the DEC consent order (motion)
    Approve to increase A 4089 (Federal Revenue) and A 3120.426 (Uniform Replacement) $432.50 for the Dept of Justice funds received for car seats (motion)
    Approve to transfer $9,700 from A 9060.802 (Dental) to A 3125.402 (Bond Charges) (motion)
    Approve to transfer the following to A 1325.202 for new software-partial payment (motion)
     A 1325.403 Computer Programs          $    800
     A 1325.406 Contracts   1,500
     A 1325.410 Local Code Updates  1,000
     A 1325.415 Law Book Updates  1,200
     A 3620.421 Zoning/Planning Boards 1,000
    Approve the Mayor to sign the following Cemetery Deeds: (motion)
      David R Bechteler   S.G. 673 Deerfield Avenue
      David & Susan Bilicki  S.G. 100 Deerfield Avenue       Dale R and Susan C Davis  S.G. 228 Deerfield Avenue
      Alice M Drennen   S.G. 131 Deerfield Avenue
      Wilbert F and Mary I Frasier  S.G. 663/664 Deerfield Avenue
      Brenda K Winters   S.G. 622/623 Deerfield Avneue
    Accept the following applications to be place on file for future reference:
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  • Village Workshop Meetings
    5/24/2017 7:00 PM

    Village Workshop Meetings

    May 24, 2017



    Adam Johnson regarding Cruise Night’s


    Jason – Proposed price list

    Todd – Request to trade-in 2016 Backhoe loader for a 2107 backhoe loader for a cost of $16,469.37 (motion)

    Todd – Approve to transfer $22,500.22 from A 5110.409 (Street Maintenance) to A 5110.201 for the Storage Building (motion)

    Linda – Approve to increase A 2680 (Insurance Recovery) and A 1910.401 (Unallocated Insurance) by $3,866.13 for replacement of the front door (motion)

    Linda – Approve to increase F 2770 and F 8320.204 by $22,682.01 for the Fluoridation Grant received (motion)

    Allen Road Pressure

    Water service billing consumption vs usage

    Land to dump leaves, brush and snow

    Agreement with Village of Elba to fix water lines

    Approve minutes of May 3, 2017, May 10, 2017 and May 18, 2017 (motion)

    Approve payment of the year end bills (motion)

    Accept the following application to be placed on file for future reference:
    ANY - Justin T Day

    Shannon Broda Brook Chandler Megan Clark Alex DeSmit Wynter Dumont Preston Flugel Owen Foos Lauren Freeman Sarah Graham Chase Hall
    Kyler McQuillian Gary Moore Geddy Morgan Charlyne Olick Jenna Reigle
    Jessica Reigle Zachary Shaffer Kaileigh Snell Gerardo Solis Alisha Stanton
    Gabriella Strubble Kyle Thaine Bryan Urquhart Kaitlyn VanSkiver

    Appoint Carly Ward to the Recreation Committee per John Grillo’s recommendation (motion)

    Approve the Clerk-Treasurer to make necessary budget adjustments/year end transfers for the fiscal year June 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017 as needed (motion)

    Approve the Mayor to sign the agreement with Orleans County to received $2,000 in Recreation Funding (motion)

    Approve the completion and closing of the Clarendon Bridge Project and to move $13,856.45, the remaining activity out of the Capital Fund to the General Fund per the Auditor’s recommendation (motion)

    Correspondence from Orleans County regarding the taxes for 73.6-7-80 and 73.6.7-81
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